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CurrentChoice® is an online electricity marketplace that saves you time and money by giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice about your next electricity provider.  

Unlike other websites, CurrentChoice® instantly gives you the Real Cost*** of each plan. Our prices always include the cost of electricity, delivery and recurring fees (fees you pay each month regardless of your provider).

We are the only website that clearly shows you providers’ non-recurring fees so you can compare. We are talking about: late payment and returned check fees, speak with a service representative fees, payment over the phone fees, credit card auto-draft payment fees, additional copies fees, document mailing fees, payment plan processing fees and more. Not all providers charge the same for their services. Compare before you decide!

We can even customize the plan costs to match how much electricity you actually use and show you how low usage fees can affect your bill, so you can compare!

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(**See FAQs for terms and conditions of our Best Price Guarantee. ***Does not include applicable federal, state and local taxes or fees. )


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