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CurrentChoice® was founded by two friends that wanted to make shopping for electricity easier for families.  They saw that many residential consumers could save money every month, depending on where they lived, just by switching electricity suppliers.

But they also saw how hard it was to shop and compare offers for electricity.  On the back of a napkin at lunch one day they figured out that over the course of one year, in one state, residential consumers were passing up about $500 million in savings simply by not selecting a less expensive electricity plan.

The two friends wanted to know why so many people were passing up all this money. It took a while but they figured it out – there was no simple, quick or convenient way for consumers to compare all the electricity plans side by side and determine for themselves which plan could best meet their needs. 

The two friends searched the internet and talked to agencies that oversee the electricity markets in eight states, organizations that specifically focus on the competitive energy market, experts in the field of electricity sales and service at major universities, corporations and consulting companies, and set out to create a website that would do these three things:

  1. Give the consumers instant access to their own electricity usage information so the costs and savings of available plans is based on real usage and is easier to compare.
  2. Provide a point-by-point comparison of available plans so the consumer can choose the one that is best for them.
  3. Give the consumer the opportunity to keep energy savings current.  

The two friends, Alan Lehmann and Doug Luckerman, spent two years researching how to create the most effective website for choosing an electricity supplier and another year building it.  The result of those efforts is  We hope you find it useful.  We will continue to refine and improve the site every day and look forward to your comments and suggestions. 

CurrentChoice is licensed to market electricity to residential, commercial, industrial and government customers throughout the United States.  Our license numbers are: Texas- 41195, Pennsylvania- A2011-2221889, Ohio- No. 13-647E(1), Illinois- 11-0150, Maryland- IR-2153, Massachusetts- EB-172, New Jersey- EE10120963L and GE10120964L and Maine- 2013-00151.

 Why did you want to create CurrentChoice?

Through trying to buy electricity for our families, we experienced how hard it was to get the information we needed to make useful comparisons of electricity offers and then how hard it was to make the switch to the plan you wanted.
Then one day we figured out that in just one state over just one year, people were missing out on about $500 million in savings because they were not switching to a less expensive electricity plan.  We decided we would help consumers save money by building a website that allows them to easily compare electricity plans and then switch to the one they want.



Alan Lehmann Alan has over 20 years of senior-level management, marketing, and software development experience. Prior to co-founding CurrentChoice®, he was the VP of Finance Solutions at DealerTrack, a $240 million software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider to the retail and banking industries. Alan held a number of senior management roles in banking, including Senior Vice President in the Global Internet Strategy Group at FleetBoston (a $197 billion institution) and Director of credit card marketing for BankBoston (a $62 billion institution). Alan was also the CFO of a New England HVAC distributor, a partner at Adler Blanchard & Co., a public accounting firm, and worked at Arthur Andersen & Co. Alan is a Certified Public Accountant.

Alan has an MBA with High Honors from Boston University and a BS/BA in Accounting from Boston University.

Alan has served on the board of directors of Project Place for over 15 years. Project Place provides homeless and low-income individuals with the skills, education, and resources to obtain stable employment and housing.

Alan and his family live in Lexington MA.

What is your number one energy savings tip you'd like to share?

Seal and Insulate your home

Your home's envelope - the outer walls, ceilings, windows, doors and floors - may be letting too much air into or out of the home.  Hidden gaps and cracks in a home can create as much airflow as an open window, and can cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder.  Sealing coupled with insulating your home's shell is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort.




Doug Luckerman Doug brings over 20 years of business, economic development and federal and state regulatory experience to Prior to co-founding CurrentChoice®, Doug managed his own law firm for over 10 years. His office specialized in federal and State regulatory matters and Federal Indian Law.

Doug has presented complex federal appellate court issues that required appeals to the United States Supreme Court.

Earlier, Doug acted as Senior Enforcement Counsel with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and before that he worked as an associate in the Boston office of the law firm of Sullivan and Worcester.

Doug has been invited to speak at MIT and Harvard and was an adjunct professor at Boston College Law School.

Doug owned and operated two successful businesses before he entered law school at the age of 30.

Doug lives with his family in Lexington, MA.

What is your number one energy savings tip you'd like to share?

Conduct a Home Energy Audit.

A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more energy efficient.  An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency.  The US Department of Energy has found that following the recommendations of an energy audit can SAVE up to 30% of your energy costs.  For the average U.S. home that's a savings of about $660.00 every year.


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