CurrentChoice Makes It Easy and Affordable to Go Green!

Most Americans care about renewable energy but don't know where to get it and worry about the cost.
You can support U.S. wind power for as little as 16 cents/day.

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC Packages)
For any Home or Apartment in the U.S.

I live in a house

100% Renewable Energy
*Up to 12,000 kwh/year

I live in an apartment

100% Renewable Energy
*Up to 5,400 kwh/year

This does not effect your contract with your current electricity supplier at all.

Join the more than 133,000 American households that have
gone green with clean renewable energy!

How Does it Work?

With renewable energy from CurrentChoice, you are guaranteeing that the same amount of electricity that you take off the grid is being replaced by 100% renewable wind energy.

affordable green energy

Conventional electricity produced from coal, oil, and gas still accounts for 70% of US electricity and is the leading cause of industrial air pollution.

with renewable energy
affordable renewable energy

100% renewable wind energy helps replace coal-burning electricity, reduces global warming, and creates a healthier environment.


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The Impact of Going Green

One house going green with renewable energy saves as much emissions as 1.4 cars driven for annually, 16.9 barrels of oil, or 814 gallons of gasoline.

Sources: EIA, EPA

Go Green and Save Green with CurrentChoice

When you Go Green with CurrentChoice, you can save hundreds of dollars compared to buying renewable energy directly from your utility. These are the same RECs that your utility sells at a fraction of the cost!

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Cost/year for 12,000 kwh of Renewable Energy

CurrentChoice low-cost renewable energy

What are Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)?

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are an easy and affordable way to tap into green energy. The United States power grid is like a big bathtub filled with electrons. Power sources of all types dump their electricity into this bathtub. Since seventy percent of these electrons come from burning fossil fuels, this “water” is pretty dirty. We all draw electricity from this bathtub, so we can’t help but use a lot of “dirty water.” Renewable energy sources (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, etc) produce RECs every time they generate electricity. Buying these credits allows consumers to support the generation of renewable energy, and to assure that clean energy continues to be added to the electric power grid we all share.

Sign up today and offset all of the conventional electricity you use
with 100% renewable energy from U.S. wind farms.