With CurrentChoice®, You Can Choose The Best Electricity Plan For Your Family In Three Simple Steps:

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    With CurrentChoice®, you can choose the best plan for your family in three simple steps:

  • Enter your zip code to find offers in your area.

  • Compare rates with the Total Cost** of each plan. Our prices always include the cost of electricity, TDU delivery and recurring fees(fees you pay each month regardless of your provider). We can also customize your shopping based on how much electricity you use and show you how low usage fees can affect your costs!

  • Choose the best plan to keep your electricity savings current and help your family save money. It's Easy. It's Fast. Check now and start saving today.

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The Power Of Choice

You can shop around for the best prices and terms, just like with your telephone service, except no one will come to your house to hook up any new wires.  There is just no better feeling than making a decision that's right for your family and it saves you money.

With CurrentChoice®

Electricity Provider

CurrentChoice® helps you find the provider that meets your needs

Your Utility

Continues to manage and repair the power lines and send you your electric bill

Your Home

When electric providers compete, you save money!

Easily Choose The Best Provider

Find your best deal with CurrentChoice®'s free easy-to-use comparison chart.

Save Even More

Follow our blog and we'll show you how to save even more money.

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